CCTV Services

Link House in its simplest form a CCTV system consists of a television camera joined by a transmission link such as a cable to a monitor sited in the guard room or central control point to complex systems use several cameras and monitors or a single monitor with a switching system to display camera pictures in sequence. Additional facilities such as recorders, automatic switching in response to an alarm signal may be used.

Using CCTV can help clarify whether a security alert is real and is often vital in post-incident investigations, but we know only if the images are good enough to identify what happened and be used in investigation.

Our Experts make sure External lighting will help security staff and improve the capabilities of CCTV systems so we design it carefully and use. LinkHouse make sure effective CCTV systems which may help to deter a terrorist attack or even identify planning activity. Our excellent quality images can provide crucial evidence for post incident investigation. We train contracted-in on in organization staff who operate CCTV equipment, they must be licensed by the Security control Authority. This applies if the CCTV equipment is deployed into fixed positions or has a pan, tilt and zoom capability and where operators: proactively monitor the activities of members of the public whether they are in public areas or on private property; We make capable use of cameras to focus on the activities of particular people either by controlling or directing cameras to an individual’s activities;

Post Mounting Principals:

To keep cameras regularly maintained
The cameras cover the entrances and exits to your building?
Our Experts examines cameras covering critical areas in your business, such as server rooms or cash offices at best We evolve system to store the images in accordance with the evident needs of the police.

Thermal Imaging:

Link House offers Thermakin Standard is available for the end to end testing of thermal imaging systems. Thermakin is the thermal imagery equivalent of Rotakin. It is a human sized test target and should be used in a similar fashion to Rotakin.

CCTV control rooms:

We create interactive guidance focusing on human factors in CCTV control rooms, integrating physical and people security effectively, has been published.
Link House practice covers principles of the design and running of CCTV control rooms from a people perspective, providing best practice guidance on how to investigate and resolve human factors issues to create a control room that is designed to support the activities of the control room operators and ensure an effective CCTV function. There are also human factors checklists that can be used by external assessors (for example, CTSAs or security consultants with responsibility for advising the site) in order to provide advice to site security managers.
Control room security personnel capability for major events
This is a useful guide to assist security managers in the challenges of operating temporary control rooms set up for major events.

Unmanned aerial vehicles:

Link House in compliance with modern surveillance needs and increased need of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), offers practical advice and support considerations on the use of UAVs to host CCTV around a CNI site. LinkHouse Experts covers planning of CCTV and where different CCTV implementations, including aerial vehicles can assist a sensitive site. We offer state of art GPS guided auto pilot Quad-copter UAVs back up permanent or event based surveillance.