Parking Management

With rapid globalization and rising economies all over the world, living standards of people have improved significantly. More and more people are now able to afford cars. This leads to major parking woes, especially in urban areas, where space is a constraint.

LinkHouse brings you the perfect Parking solution to put an end to all your parking woes. We design comprehensive solution for your premises that will prevent people from parking haphazardly, parking in restricted areas, parking in other’s slots, moving in a wrong direction and also give real–time status of vacant parking spaces.


You may have options like

  • Prevent Entry of Unauthorized Vehicles
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Prevent Parking in No Parking Zone
  • Prevent Unauthorized Parking
  • Prevent Haphazard Parking
  • Real-time Data on Premise Availability
  • Prevent Vehicles from Moving in a Wrong Direction